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HFH Calendar 2023

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***  Bye hunts and other events and details will be added to the schedule as needed and in case of inclement weather.

***  Contact Peggy pegesue15@aol.com or or  text (918)629-2094 if you would like to kindly host a hunt breakfast.

Hunt Fixtures year 2023 of the 2022-2023 Season
April 1
    Bye Hunt 10AM Peggy's Hunt Box - Whipper-in Sally will carry the horn - Ratcatcher Attire Tailgate Breakfast - All Capping Fees Waved - RSVP to naegler.barbara@gmail.com

Closing Hunt from Flint - 10AM - Breakfast Kindly hosted by the Masters - Wear Your Best Easter Bonnet - Presentation of Year End Awards Following - - Third field offered - - Invited Guests welcome. - Guests Capping Fee of $65 Juniors $30 - No capping Fee for Members - RSVP IS REQUIRED by APRIL 5th to: naegler.barbara@gmail.com

April 15
    ''Encore'' Hunt from Flint 10:00AM - Ratcatcher Attire - Tailgate Breakfast - Guests $65/fee waived for juniors - RSVP to naegler.barbara@gmail.com







Peggy is turning one of the bedrooms in her hunt box as a collection site for auction items.  So no need to wait until October to get ITEMS to Flint.

ADDITIONALLY: At closing Hunt, MFH Barb announced that she was stepping down as Master and turning her responsibilities over to MFH Peggy.  We cannot thank Barb enough for all of her contributions and sacrifices that she made for Harvard Foxhounds so that we can enjoy a sport that we all love.  She was instrumental in founding this hunt and has been a constant presence to ensure its success ever since.  I wish Barb an enjoyable and happy retirement pursuing and landing lunker trout!  Cheers!!

April 22
The M’seh-weh Warrior Challenge is happening again!  “M’seh-weh” is the Eastern Shawnee word for “horse”.    And, there will also be a 4 Rider Team Relay Race to start things off.  It is being hosted by the Eastern Shawnee Tribe’s Wellness Center.  Tammy Lux is the coordinator of the event.  This year the proceeds go to the Lighthouse Christian Academy. More Information from Tammy  You can enter online, or text that you are attending and bring paperwork with you to the event.
May 1

HFH Challenge Event 2023 ... May 1 --- Knight Pecan Farm, 18400 S 129 th West Ave, Sapulpa, Ok 74066-- There will be 2 divisions--HILLTOPPERS: (walk/trot with inviting X's to hop over) and FIRST FIELD.  (walk/trot/canter/gallop/hold on for dear life.) Jumps 2'6-- You can ride as a team or an individual.--Team scores will be averaged. There will be an event winner for each division, then an overall winner for the Series in each division.  SERIOUS BRAGGING RIGHTS to be had ! ---- OBSTACLES: Designed to test control and willingness.  For example.  In the hunt field often the field must yield the trail to the hounds and staff by backing off the trail and standing quietly until they pass.  One of the obstacles will be to back between 2 ground poles and stand for 30 sec.    I will send out a diagram of the course in advance of each event so you can practice beforehand.-- This, being the first of these endeavors, puts us on the steep learning curve.  Things will probably not go as expected....as long as we are having fun, who cares!  Eventually, we will find all the holes, fill them and find ourselves with a truly fun and challenging event.  That is the BIG plan! THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you find you can come, please text your RSVP to me. 918)629-2094.  I am headed out of town and cannot check my email on my phone! or text 929-629-2094 -- For those that are not able to make it and want to donate the hunt just has venmo now, @HarvardFoxHounds

Description of Event : OBSTACLE COURSE:  which will be judged. Courses will be posted ahead of the event and riders are allowed to walk the course prior to the start. -- JUMPING COURSE:  Short course through woods with various jumps. Refusals will be noted. --- CROSS COUNTRY COURSE: Longer distance around pecan farm. This will be timed, and riders must finish within the proscribed time allowed.Best score out of the series wins, so enter all 3!! __No entry fee for this first series, but donations to the HFH Hounds will be gladly accepted! --- Helmets required

  Three Dates to Save !    

Introduction to our first HUNTER CALLENGE SERIES to be held at Knight Pecan Farm on the following dates at the following dates: May 20 - June 3 and June 17----Entries will be limited to 30 riders ... Description of the event: The Obstacle Course will be judged. The Course will be posted ahead of the event and riders are allowed to walk the course prior to the start .... The Jumping Course: Short course through woods with various jumps. Refusals will be noted .... The Cross Country Course: Longer distance around pecan farm. This will be timed and riders must finish in the proscribed time allowed.... Best score out of the series wins, so enter all 3 !!! Fingers crossed we can pull this off before the summer heat descends....Email me with any questions at: pegesue15@aol.com---Text: 918 629 2094 --- NO VOICE MESSAGES, PLEASE!

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